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Bryan Clement vs Isiah Mountjoy

Kansas City Fighting Alliance

Fight from Kansas City Fighting Alliance: Bryan Clement vs Isiah Mountjoy.

Bryan Clement vs Isiah Mountjoy

Johnnie Roades vs Joe Estrada
Fight from Kansas City Fighting Alliance: Johnnie Roades vs Joe Estrada.

Bryan Clement vs Isiah Mountjo...

Johnnie Roades vs Joe Estrada


Joseph Woodard vs Kyle Noblitt

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KCFA 14 - Garrett vs Noblitt

KCFA 14 - Goldfield vs Hajeh


KCFA 14 - Goldfield vs Jordan

KCFA 14 - Gorrell vs Garcia


KCFA 14 - Jones vs Marques

KCFA 14 - Matney vs Carter


KCFA 14 - Miller vs Mounthoy

KCFA 14 - Nelson vs Shippy


KCFA 14 - Radtka vs Ogden


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