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The World from Above

A breathtaking series of aerial programmes offering an entirely different view of the world. From 10,000ft down to just a few feet above gro...

The World from Above

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Jordania, Petra and the Nabateans

Petra, located in a valley surrounded by mountains, was founded by the Nabateans in the 6th century BC. There, they flourished due to its lo... Voir plus

Space Tomorrow

Once he will take off to reach his destination, the International Space Station in 2016, the young French astronaut Thomas Pesquet will beco... Voir plus

Journey to the Pale Red Dot

The search for planets beyond our solar system has brought an historic discovery: a planet slightly larger than Earth orbiting a star called... Voir plus

When the Egyptians Sailed the Red Sea

Aboard a replica of one of the boats chartered by Queen Hatshepsut in 1500 B.C., a scientific team undertook to repeat the extraordinary voy... Voir plus

Journey with Crocodiles

Follow crocodile expert Brad Bestelink on an extraordinary quest to dive with these fearsome predators. Without a cage or any other protecti... Voir plus

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